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                  International Exhibition of Wire, cable and Mechanical Equipment Cabex, Moscow, Russia, March 2019

                  March 23-25,2019, the annual "Russia (Moscow) international wire and cable, wire and cable and Mechanical Equipment Exhibition" held as scheduled. Weiye also participated at the exhibition as scheduled.

                  In view of the high importance attached by the Russian government to this industry and the preferential policies, Chinese cable and wire equipment manufacturers have a very broad prospect in the Russian market, and the huge purchasing capacity and development potential of the Russian cable and wire market, it also creates an excellent opportunity for our company to export to the Russian market. We brought a variety of product information, involving fiber optic cable, wire and cable and peripheral products.

                  Fiber drawing machine, optical fiber proof-testing machine, optical fiber coloring machine, optical fiber ribbon machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, Sheathing line, FTTH cable production line, simplex, duplex, fiber pay-off, kevlar server, extruder, Stainless teel tube production line, take-up, cable rewinding line.
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