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                  WIRE & CABLE INDIA 2017

                  On October 5th-7th 2017 WIRE & CABLE INDIA was held in Pragati Maidan Hall, our company made careful preparations and attended the exhibition.

                  After many years effort, we are supplying equipment to more than half of all Indian OFC factories. During the three days show, we obtained a lot. At the booth many customers inquired closely about our equipment and made deeply technology communication. We sincerely hope that our company will provide better equipment and technology support.

                  Fiber drawing machine, optical fiber proof-testing machine, optical fiber coloring machine, optical fiber ribbon machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, Sheathing line, FTTH cable production line, simplex, duplex, fiber pay-off, kevlar server, extruder, Stainless teel tube production line, take-up, cable rewinding line.
                  Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd. Albert
                  Address: Fengxian District of Shanghai Feng Road
                  E-mail: info@weiye-ofc.com
                  Phone 021 -33616519 Fax :021-33616331