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                  Sviaz 2017 Moscow

                  The 29th Svaiz ICT 2017 is jointly hosted by Russian State Duma, Ministry of communications and mass media of the Russian Federation, Ministry of industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, Russian Federation Communications Bureau. 
                  This exhibition has attracted more than 363 enterprises came from Russia, China, Germany, Japan, America, France, Korea, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia and other CIS countries. The exhibition area exceeds 2000㎡。It has showed the state-of-the-art products and technology in Communication field.
                  We have participated in Russian Telecom exhibition - Sviaz Expokom. We shared a booth together with world famous raw material suppliers like Fujikura, SCG, GOTEX, DEUK YOUNG, SHINKONG.  During exhibition almost all optic cable factory in Russia visited us. We have more than 80% market share in Russian OFC Equipment market.

                  Fiber drawing machine, optical fiber proof-testing machine, optical fiber coloring machine, optical fiber ribbon machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, Sheathing line, FTTH cable production line, simplex, duplex, fiber pay-off, kevlar server, extruder, Stainless teel tube production line, take-up, cable rewinding line.
                  Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd. Albert
                  Address: Fengxian District of Shanghai Feng Road
                  E-mail: info@weiye-ofc.com
                  Phone 021 -33616519 Fax :021-33616331