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                  Optical cable Sheathing Line

                  Sheathing line

                  Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment co., ltd  supplies sheathing line for fiber optic cable with 90mm or 120mm screw extruder.  The sheathing normally contains the following components by option: Pay-off  with tension dancef, yarn server, Steel tape pay-off, Jib crane, Steel tape Splice table & Welder, Metal tape accumulator, Steel tape corrugators and lubricator, Ripcord pay-off,  Steel tape cone forming station,  Armor powder application system for cone forming,  Water blocking tape pay-off, Dual single head concentric binder, Mylar tape pay-off  , Hot melt applicator,.90mm(or 120mm) Extruder, First Water trough, Second water trough, Diameter gauge/ lump detector, Spark tester, Hot stamp printer, Linear Belt Capstan, Cable accumulator, Take-up,  Electrical control system (PLC + touch screen)


                  Fiber drawing machine, optical fiber proof-testing machine, optical fiber coloring machine, optical fiber ribbon machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, Sheathing line, FTTH cable production line, simplex, duplex, fiber pay-off, kevlar server, extruder, Stainless teel tube production line, take-up, cable rewinding line.
                  Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd. Albert
                  Address: Fengxian District of Shanghai Feng Road
                  E-mail: info@weiye-ofc.com
                  Phone 021 -33616519 Fax :021-33616331