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                  Cable Air Wipers Huestis type

                  Weiye Air Wipers use precision controlled air flow to save air, reduce noise and dramatically cut energy consumption.

                  Weiye Air Wipers are made of Nylon material. Outer diemensions can be made of fully replaceable with European wipers.

                  Weiye Air Wipers are made to satisfy below cable drying requirements.  
                  Air is channeled through a manifold in the body and distributed to a ring of jets.
                  Jet orifices restrict air flow to provide efficient drying at the lowest possible air consumption.
                  Turbulence created by controlling air flow and direction removes water from the material surface.
                  A Venturi effect is also created within the air wipe, further increasing air flow.


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                  Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd. Albert
                  Address: Fengxian District of Shanghai Feng Road
                  E-mail: info@weiye-ofc.com
                  Phone 021 -33616519 Fax :021-33616331