"Edward Snowden has single-handedly blown the lid off the NSA spy grid." --Web Fraud Squad
The NSA is SPYING on you! The NSA's Edward Snowden has revealed that Facebook, ADT Security, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, OnStar, the FBI and the CIA are spying on you!

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Put this disclaimer in your email signature to STOP NSA spying! Copy and paste this disclaimer in your emails, cell phones, forum signatures and place it on your web sites:

"Any and all communications herein are the sole property of the email sender and originator. Any electronic intercept of this communication constitutes a violation of 50 U.S.C. § 1861(b)(2) of The Patriot Act. The use of this information in informal or formal proceedings, charges, investigations or indictments is strictly prohibited and rendered null and void if obtained without a warrant."

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Snowden: 'Many' Spy Programs Remain Secret -- For Now...

Welcome to NSAspying.com

NSAspying.com is the #1 one source for the latest news on the NSA spy scandal and information on whistleblower Edward Snowden. We are also here to help you learn how YOU can educate yourself and prevent NSA spying and privacy invasions. We are a part of the Web Fraud Squad network (please see our "About Us" section at the bottom of this page).

Edward Snowden's extraordinary testimony reveals the full extent of the NSA's crimes against the American people. Snowden worked first with the CIA and later with an NSA contractor. He revealed to The Guardian UK newspaper that the NSA has a massive, unregulated, unwieldy spy apparatus that is primarily focused on exploiting law-abiding Americans; he also revealed the NSA spends most of its time and energy focusing on Americans rather than overseas terrorist threats!

As of June 10th, 2013, it is now public knowledge that President Obama's National Security Agency engages in the following illegal activities:

- Illegal domestic wiretapping of any and all Americans that it sees fit.

- Illegal domestic snooping and spying on all Americans.

- Illegal domestic acquisition of all Americans' emails, online activities, Facebook messages, Twitter messages and cell mobile phone calls.

- Illegal targeting and spying of Americans deemed "patriots" and other freedom-loving Americans who support the U.S. Constitution.

- Illegal use of domestic information obtained through spying to intimidate, coerce and blackmail Americans who support the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and who criticize the government.


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"At the outset, Stellar Wind recorded 320 million calls a day. However, the program continuously expanded, and Binney estimates that NSA has intercepted between 15 and 20 trillion transactions since 9/11. The massive data collection necessitated that the NSA have an enormous amount of storage capacity – the giant data center currently under construction in Bluffdale, Utah serves this purpose."

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=590cy1biewc&feature=youtu.be

Read more: http://www.whistleblower.org/program-areas/homeland-security-a-human-rights/surveillance/nsa-whistleblowers-bill-binney-a-j-kirk-wiebe


Tells radio host IRS possibly employed data to harass opponents

The IRS may have utilized surveillance data collected by the National Security Agency to harass political opponents of the

Obama administration, including the tea party, charged NSA whistleblower William Binney in a radio interview

 Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/whistleblower-obama-used-nsa-for-politics/#7UTbBRuUa7R7lW6J.99 


Hot mic shows collusion between NSA Director and FBI Deputy Director

"The three-hour hearing had just wrapped up around 1 p.m. when NSA Director Keith Alexander turned to FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce and praised him for his testimony. 

'Thank you, Sean,' Alexander said, according to a clip of the exchange that was first reported by Ben Doernberg.

'Tell your boss I owe him another friggin' beer,' he added. "

Link to article

What can you do to stop the NSA from spying on you?

Currently, an app for smart phones called "Wickr" is the best and virtually only safeguard against NSA and CIA spying, also known as "Echelon" spying. 

However, the program has its faults and messages sent through it can still be intercepted! It does not protect emails, Facebook, Twitter or many other mediums of communicating.

As of June, 2013, there is no known all-inclusive program that protects against spying through various mediums such as Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, emails and cell phone calls. The NSA can intercept virtually any electronic communication conducted on Earth, short of highly encrypted and self-destruct programmed messages (even these are vulnerable).

The "Echelon" system, developed in the 1970s by the CIA, NSA and Naval Intelligence Office, is so advanced today that experts speculate the system "has the capability of technology 100 years ahead of what we know of" and can intercept all known electronic communications from satellites in space.

We are working hard to find the BEST means of privacy protection, and we have a number of products and programs currently under review and being tested. We will not post anything that has not been rigorously tested by our experts at Web Fraud Squad (see below).

What does the NSA and President Obama 
say about its spying program?

NSA spy on you

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper (above), denied the NSA possesses the powers ascribed to it by whistleblower Edward Snowdon. He told media outlets on June 10th, 2013, that not only was the NSA "not spying" on Americans, the "real problem" are the "whistleblowers".

The Obama Administration, NSA, CIA, Naval intelligence and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) view you as the threat, not themselves! 

President Obama assured the PRISM program wasn't doing "much" harm to civil liberties and declared,
"...[T]he modest encroachments on privacy that are involved in getting phone numbers and duration without a name attached and without looking at content — that on net, was worth us doing." 

Did Shia LeBeouf reveal the truth in 2008?

NSA shia lebeouf

A video clip has emerged online that reveals the truth about NSA spying.

Apparently, actor Shia LeBeouf 
knew long before any of the rest of us just what the NSA is up to. In 2008, during an appearance on The Tonight show, LaBeouf described in detail how the CIA/NSA/FBI apparatus is able to spy on your most intimate moments, all the time.

YouTube Clip here

LaBeouf says, "We had an FBI consultant on the picture [Eagle Eye] telling me that they can use your ADT security box microphone to get the stuff that's going on in your house. Or OnStar, they can shut your car down."

"And he told me that one in five phone calls that you make are recorded and I laughed at him, and he played back a phone conversation I had two years prior to joining the picture," LaBeouf continues. "Extremely creepy."

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